Welcome to the NIBRT GlycoScience Group


GlycoScience Group

The NIBRT GlycoScience Group is a world leading group in the application of UPLCHPLC, CE and MS technologies for glycan analysis and exoglycosidase sequencing of site-specific glycosylation. Our technology provides a service that supports the drug development pipeline of leading pharmaceutical companies, as well as underpinning our diverse research programme.


NIBRT is funded by the IDA Ireland with a mandate to support the development of the existing bioprocessing industry in Ireland and to attract additional bioprocessing companies to Ireland.

The GlycoScience group’s research is funded by a wide variety of academic and industrial collaborations and grants:


GlycoBioM  fp7_collaboration  sfiagrc


 Key Research Areas in the GlycoScience Group.

  • Glycobiomarker discovery and method development
  • Biotherapeutic characterisation (HPLC, UPLC, CE and MS)
  • High-throughput glycan analysis.
  • Investigating the role of glycosylation in disease
  • Glycan Bioinformatics



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